2006 SF United Maravilla

team picture
SF United Maravilla is in its initial stages of development and  is coming off a strong Fall 2017 season and looks forward to continuing with a competitive showing into the Spring season.  The team has shown great chemistry and spirit, and their positive development is evident game after game.  Many of the girls on the team have been part of the SF United FC for several years, and its new players have seamlessly transitioned to be active members of the team.
Maravilla is a diverse team, with members from across San Francisco, committed to excellence and continuous skills development.  The team has excellent coaching and the commitment of the team is very good.The team participates in the CCSL Prep league, and also fields a team in the San Francisco Futsal league.
This is an excellent team for those who have played at the Prep level and are ready for a little more of a challenge and play  travel in the NorCal Premier League.
Head Coach: Victor Martinez