2009 SF United America


SF United America is a team of fun-loving and supportive young girls (2009).  It is hard to believe that just last year they were playing micro soccer!  Because of the patience, kindness and dedication of their coach, Omar, America has skillfully played in tournaments, games and even a season of futsol - and all within their first year of playing together as a team.  Coach Omar’s belief in the girls and in their development have made all the difference in their self-confidence.  These girls believe they are young athletes because of Coach Omar and SF United’s strong coaching.
Although they come from different schools and from different neighborhoods from across San Francisco, these girls have become fast friends. They delight in seeing each other at their practices and games; they cheer each others’ successes and support each other when needed.
America also has a team of amazing parents.   Our parent group takes such joy in watching the girls!  America’s enthusiasm for each other and for soccer makes each practice and each game as fun to watch as it must be to play.  We can’t wait to see what next year will bring for SF United America!