2007 SF United Gardel



SF United Gardel is a team made up of players who come from different backgrounds extending many different public and private schools across SF. The team is playing in the travel NorCal Premier League at the Bronze level, and are poised to continue to develop and move up in level.

Gardel is a very well coached team with a dedicated coach looking to take their game to the next level, and a group of children and families committed to the sport and the club. Considering the short length of time they have been together as a team, they are a happy bunch of kids who have done a fantastic job, continue to bond and grow as a team, and learn from each other. 

The team takes its guidance and leadership from Coach Jose Nino. He brings 20+years  of coaching experience to the team. His passion and dedication to the boys has given the team a sense of confidence and an eagerness to continue to learn that will allow them to develop and grow quickly.

Head Coach: Jose Nino