2007 SF United Select


Sf United B07 Select is a team that came together for the 2018/2019 season. It is made up of boys from different schools throughout the city. The core of the team has been playing for the club for many years at different levels and with the addition of new players to the team they  have come together to create a great team with great chemistry. SF United B07 Select last played in the NorCal Premier League Gold Division and this season (Fall 2022) will compete in the State Premier Division. The also went on and made the championship at the 2019 NorCal State Cup. The team is currently ranked #35 in Northern California (GotSoccer) and are playing in the NorCal State Cup Platinum/Gold Division.

The boys take their love for the game instilled by their very experienced coach Victor and transfer it onto the field to show a high level of play. The boys know that he expects a lot from them but also gives them the tools needed to play at a high level.

Head Coach: Victor Gonzales & Jose Nino