SF United B08 Olimpico, were crowned Champions of the Norcal State Cup 2017 in the Gold Division. This achievement is very important knowing that it is a group of very young children who have barely only been together for a year and a half. These children not only represented their team and club, but it is also a satisfaction for San Francisco as a soccer community. Please see below of the well-deserved accomplishment in the city of Manteca.
They played 9 games throughout the competition with clubs of great trajectory from several cities in Northern California. In each game they knew to work hard and to enjoy every minute of the game. They went through many difficult circumstances that this beautiful game layed out infront of them, which they overcame in each phase. At the end of the competition it concluded with a victory that was well deserved and a fair prize of being champions and undefeated. Congratulations to these children and their families … the club is proud of you …!