2010 SF United Sporting

Sporting MVLA 2021

SF United Sporting is a new team was formed for the 2018/2019 season. The team is made up of different schools and backgrounds which creates a great diversity. They have combined existing players in the club along with new players from tryouts. The team quickly came together and created great chemistry. They have shown that they are getting ready to move up in level very soon. Sporting will continue to compete in the NorCal Premier League as a Travel team next season (Fall 2022).They recently finished as finalists in the 2021 MVLA Bay Area Winter Cup.

The team has a strong bond due to its Coach Marcelo, whose passion and high energy really helps the development of the kids. He brings years of experience and an energetic attitude to the field on a daily basis to push the boys. There is no doubt this team will continue to improve and move up in the levels of play.

Head Coach: Marcelo Swofford