2011 SF United Tango


SF United FC Tango is a team that was formed for the 2019/2020 season form players in our Developmental Program and kids from tryouts. It is made of of boys from different public and private schools in SF. Though the team has been together for such a short time, they have bonded quickly and have formed a team with great chemistry, Tango has been a team that has enjoyed a lot of early success in its short existence by winning 4 championships at the 2019 Stanford Cup, 2019 MVLA Winter Cup, 2020 Surf Super Cupa, and 2020 Copita Surf. The team also in their first season together had and undefeated season in the travel NorCal Premier League at the Bronze level and will now play at the Silver level.


The team takes its leadership from coach Mario Villega. Coach Mario ignites a passion in his players like no other. He invested in the development of each player and has this team prepped for any challenge by believing in each other no matter the outcome. The team has built a great work ethic and dedication. The team is really destined for great things.


Head Coach: Mario Villegea