2013 SF United Leonas

SF United Crest

SF United G13 Leonas is a brand new team that was formed for the 2022/23 season from a mix of players that were already in the club, along with those who attended our tryouts. Leonas and Coach Mike, along with the help of Coach Marcelo, begin their time together competing in the NorCal Premier League as a travel team for Fall 2022. Even though they are just getting started, the team has lots of energy and excitement to be playing the sport. They are falling in love with the game and with the hard work they are putting into their practices and games, they are bound for higher competitive levels. The team gets its passion and direction from new head coach Ross Gimbal, whose disciplined yet charismatic approach allows the girls to have a nice comfortable environment to work hard and develop. His passion for the game is seen in all the players and helps keep the girls motivated and focused. The bond created between these girls is remarkable given the very short time they have been together. There are currently spots available on this team and others in the club, so reach out if you would be interested in playing. Leonas will play in the NorCal Premier League Silver Division this season (Fall 2022).

The team takes their guidance from their leader Coach Mike Rivas. The girls quickly adjusted to his coaching style which creates a great environment for the girls to feel confident and have a blast while remaining focused, driven, competitive and eager to learn. Coach Mike has many years of experience and transmits all of his knowledge to the girls. in a manner that they are able to grasp concepts quickly. There is no doubt the team is destined for great things.

Head Coach: Mike Rivas

Assistant Coach: Marcelo Swofford