About us


Twenty years ago, we set out to build a club and a community that recognized the potential in every player and the value of developing teams together. SF United FC was built on the most humble origins, where its mission, vision, objective and goal was to create a place where children could feel a part of a team/family and grow together until it is time to say goodbye and see them off to college. Without a doubt, we feel that this has given us our unique identity that separates us from most clubs. After having thousands of children come through our program who have grown into teens and young adults, have maintained the morals and values that as a club we instill in each of them through discipline, sportsmanship, respect for others on and off the field, the teamwork between families and club to make sure this sport we love continues to bring happiness and  remain true where players can grow, get better, mature, overcome adversity, and above all feel that we can compete but at the same time have fun. We are happy, pleased and at ease to say MISSION ACCOMPLISHED!!!

SF United FC has a very personal commitment to professionalism and honesty to each player and family. We are committed to creating a community where we all can feel equal; where this beautiful sport facilitates lifelong friendships free of social, culture or economic distinction.


The club having staff members from different backgrounds and upbringing has proudly helped out those who are in real need, such as kids in the hospitals(donating toys) and in different countries such as El Salvador, Nicaragua, Mexico, Brazil, and Argentina with clothes and sport materials so that children all over the world that do not have the means can also enjoy this beautiful game


We are fortunate to have coaches who really LOVE and identify with the club. We are always doing in house training for our coaches as well as supporting them to continue their coaching education to better themselves. Please know that the only thing the coaches have in mind every time they go to the field is how they can help your son or daughter improve.


We have created a philosophy of not only individual but team development. This requires patience, time, focus on development and making sure that each child plays at the right level.

SF United FC is a club that counts many, many league and tournament wins, showcases, state cups, president cups and regional league games among its accomplishments.We have always promised and always ensure that every player is nurtured and develops the grit, resilience, discipline, respect and sportsmanship that serve the players on and off the field throughout their lives. With thousands of alumni, we know that if the opportunity to pursue soccer in college or beyond arrives our players have the values, love for the sport, skills and drive to make the most of that wonderful opportunity.

Cost For 2021/2022

SF United FC is focused on providing the best service possible. We understand that apart from the time commitment it is a huge financial commitment that families need to plan for. Below is a detailed chart of the annual fees for the club and everything that is included so you can compare with the rest of the market as we know others show a fee but it does not include everything. We have an obligation to the community to be transparent in our fees. We also feel strongly that no kid should be deprived of the wonderful experiences this sport brings due to financial capability, so the club every years allocates a budget to give kids scholarships/financial aid to ensure everyone's participation.


Services Developmental Program Pre-Comp Upper House/NorCal Travel NorCal Travel (Premeir or higher)
Professional Coaching x x x x
Fall and Spring League Games x x x x
Fall and Spring 1 Day Training x
Fall and Spring 2 Day Training x x x
Futsal (younger ages) +1 Day Training Per Week or 2 Trainings Per Week x x x
Winter 1 Day Training Per Week Only x x
2 Tournaments (2010 and Up) x x
Team Training Week (5 full days at the end of July 9am-4pm) (Not available Summer 2021 due to COVID) x x
1 game filmed per season (Fall and Spring) x x
1 custom club logo soccer ball x x x x
2 player evaluations per year x x x x
High Level Injury Prevention, Strengthening and Conditioning Program (Optional fee TBD)
COST $1,500 $1,900 $2,500 $2,600

*** As you can see we include everything in our fee such as (uniform, 2 tournaments, week long summer training camp, etc) In order to fulfill the club's philosophy of  player development, the players must participate in all that is included in the annual fee, in order to make it more feasible for our families the club bundles up the pricing to absorb some of the cost in stead of having our fees lower but charging extra later for what we feel is necessary  in the true development of our players. ***

What People are saying about SF United

SF United has been a great experience for our daughter and our whole family.  The coaching has been great and all of the girls on the team have a wonderful time together.  Our daughter loves playing goalkeeper and with the specialized training she gets, she has really progressed.  Big thumbs-up!

When we came to San Francisco United, it was like a breath of fresh air.  Everything was so organized and the families we met were nice and helpful.  Our son really likes the coaches and the success he and his teammates have had.

Can't say enough about how great it's been with SF United.  Both our children play for different teams on the club and they love it!