SF United Registration Overview



Welcome to San Francisco United Futbol Club!  We are excited about the coming season and about working together with you and your children to help them develop and succeed through soccer.


The club has grown dramatically over the last few years and we are committed to continuing the supportive, community atmosphere that has defined SF United since its founding.  We want to provide the most current and effective resources for our parents and team managers.  Towards that goal, we have partnered with TeamSnap to provide a state-of-the-art messaging and online platform that will help the club, teams and parents stay in touch and communicate in an easier and more intuitive way.


Every player must be entered into the TeamSnap database and we have set up a simple online registration form that we hope will make it as painless as possible.


During the process, you will be asked to upload a photo of your player, please have an image file ready to upload from your computer.


So here's a step-by-step of what needs to be done to complete registration:


  • After reviewing these instructions, click the Register! button at the bottom to be taken to the registration form page.
  • Once you click the Register! button, you will see the SF United TeamSnap login.  If you already have a TeamSnap account, login.  If not, follow the directions on the right-hand side to create a new TeamSnap account.  You must have a TeamSnap account in order to register and later, to use the TeamSnap features and functions.
  • If you have information already stored with TeamSnap, you should see the option to Import Player from TeamSnap.  You can save some time by importing some information.  It will only import some of the player’s information.  You will still have to type in your parent(s) information.  If you don’t want to import, just click No Thanks.
  • Now you will see the actual registration form.  Fill out all of the fields.  A red asterisk beside the field means that it is required.
  • When you have filled in all the information fields, click the Save and Continue button at the bottom.
  • The next page will ask you to upload a photo of the player.  Click Save and Continue.
  • The payment page is next.  No fees are due with this registration form, so just click on the radio button next to New Registration Fall 2016 (ALL) - Contact SF United and then click on Save and Continue.  You will make payments by check to SF United per the regular fee schedule and you can contact the club if you have any questions about the fees.
  • You will now see a confirmation screen that you have finished the registration for your player.  You have the option to continue or to add another player.  If you don't need to add another player, click Save and Continue.
  • Now you will see the Waivers screen.  Please read the waiver and if you agree to the terms, type in your name in the box provided.  You must type your name as it is shown in grey in the box.  For instance, if the box says "Expecting Jane Smith", you must type Jane Smith.
  • Click Save and Continue and that's it!  Your player is registered!


You won't select a team during this registration process.  Once your player is registered, we will assign them to their correct team through TeamSnap.  You should start receiving messages from your team manager at the email(s) you provided during the registration.  If you have any questions, please contact your team manager.  If they cannot answer your questions, they will forward them on to SF United staff and volunteers.  Thank you for being a part of San Francisco United!


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