2021 Winter Soccer Camp

SF United FC 2021 Winter Soccer Camp

SF United is committed to the development of youth soccer and provides a nurturing, positive and fun yet professional atmosphere that allows for kids ages 2016-2007 from all over the city or friends visiting from out of town to evolve as a soccer player. Our sessions are ran by the top coaches of SF United who are dedicated to teach each kid and guide them to a higher level of play no matter their current level. Our goal is for each kid to leave with a feeling of strong self-confidence and with a new sense of inspiration to continue to play this wonderful game. So please see the details below and choose what is best for your child, it will be an experience they will not forget as they will be with old but also leave with new friends.



Our full day is split up into 2 sessions and by ages. For the younger age groups(2016-2013) we make sure we have coaches who specialize in dealing with this age group as we understand, though we are a soccer camp we want to make it as fun and exciting as possible for these young future soccer players. Having had 18 years of experience with our soccer camp we understand a full day of soccer for these youngsters is overwhelming and can cause them to lose interest. Our goal is to keep this group excited and motivated in order to enjoy this wonderful game, so we mix in a combination of soccer that involves fun games and soccer fundamental skills, with some games that just allows them to be kids and have fun. This combination has proven to be very successful time and time again and has these young players coming back week after week, year after year.


For the older groups (2012-2007) we still make sure to create a fun learning environment, but with more focus on developing soccer players for all levels of play.

For these groups the day is split up as follows:

The morning session is meant to help each player develop his/her fundamental technical skills in a fun and safe environment, as we make sure to take into account the different age groups and level of play of each kid in order to provide and make sure they have a great experience. We use a wide variety of exercises of passing, dribbling, crossing, shooting, and defending to develop each player with respect to each child's level.

The focus will be increasing CONFIDENCE in the following areas….

1) Dynamic footwork

2) Running with the ball

3) Dribbling(with both feet and with obstacles)

4) 1v1 attacking skills

5) Turning with the ball

6) Ball control

7) Shooting(with both feet)

8) Passing(with both feet, short/long, give and go etc...)

9) Learning all the different positions of the game

10) Learning how to transition from defending  to attacking

     or attacking to defending

11) Develop positive communication between teammates

12) Small sided games in order to prepare the child mentally and incorporate the skills learned in a game situation.

13) How to adapt and take advantage of different situations within a game.

For example:

  1. a) Having number superiority 2v1
  2. b) delay progress when outnumbered 1v2
  3. c) How to play following the rules of offsides etc...


The afternoon session is used to go over all the skills that were worked on in the morning  and then  we set up different games for the players to implement what they have learned  in a game situation. This gives the opportunity for them to feel a sense of accomplishment and pride as they are able to see their progress day to day.


DATES (1 week sessions, 2 different sessions)

December 20th-December 24th

December 27th-December 31st



Full Day: 9am-3pm
Half Day: 9am-12pm
After Care: 3pm-4pm



Raymond Kimbell Playground (1901 Geary Blvd, San Francisco, CA 94115)



$400 (full day 1 week)
$250 (half day 1 week)
$440 (full day + after Care 3-4pm 1 week)

What to Bring:

Face masks, also please bring hand sanitizer!!! (the club will have some as well just in case)

  • Appropriate clothing for playing soccer and a sweater or jacket
  • Cleats
  • Shin Guards
  • Lunch and Snacks (extra snack for kids that are staying for extended care)
  • Lots of water
  • Sunscreen
  • Any medication your child is taking (i.e. Inhaler, allergy medicine, etc)

Cancellation Policy:

Fees are non-refundable unless you submit your request to cancel in writing at least 10 days before the first day of the camp.  Only 50% of fees paid shall be refunded. Camp it's not transferrable to another player either.